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This Digital Campaign designed from home in 2020 is the first platform to overcome the boredom of children imprisoned in homes during the difficult times of Covid to make them Precautionarily aware of the Coronavirus and to voice their creativity to bring out their potential, keeping them stress-free.

routes of rajasthan

Routes Of Rajasthan

Baccho ki Sarkar Kaisi Ho?​

Bachhon ki sarkar kaisi ho?

Shades of Covid​

Shades of COVID

Museums Through My Eyes​​

Museums Through My Eyes

Main Bhi Baal Sarpanch

Kaun Banega Jal Prehri​​

Kaun Banega Jal Prehri

My Covid Story 2022​

My Covid Story 2022

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विधानसभा बाल सत्र की प्रथम पुरस्कार विजेता, अनुष्का राठौड़

Covid has affected our lives in myriad ways the most affected amongst us have been the small children they have had to miss their school they have had to miss their play they had to miss their growing up and they had to manage living in the confines of Their homes however in the process there is there has been a positive trend which is the spread of technology as the children learnt how to attend classes and take exams on their mobile phone or their computers and also indulge in their social connectivity through the online mode there are a few challenges which the children and parents have faced in this period one of the challenges has been how to support the child’s growth when the connection to the outside world is largely online the challenge has been further compounded by the fact that many parents have themselves faced technology adoption challenges digital Bal Mela has been helping the children unleash their creative side using the power of information technology and has received tremendous response weather in the form of children’s participation in Covid management or their participation in the first ever Bal Sansad organised by the by the DBM in collaboration with Rajasthan state assembly DBM has become one of the major methods for children to connect with others on specific issues and such connections have become a part of their own process of growth and maturing the parents must use this opportunity to end and encourage their children to participate increasingly in the activities of BBM and also helps the children do it in a more intense manner this will not only help the children bring out their talent in a better manner but it will also help the parents to develop a better connectivity with that part of their child’s personality which is existing in the cyber or virtual. space

What They Say

Om Birla
Om Birla
Honorable Speaker, Lok Sabha

Children’s Parliament will be set up in the Legislative Assembly of every state of India-

C.P. Joshi
C.P. Joshi
Honorable Former Speaker, Rajasthan Vidhansabha

Such a session has happened for the first time in the country and it will help us understand the curiosity of children about democracy

Ashok Gehlot
Ashok Gehlot
Honorable Former Cheif Minister, Rajasthan.
Janhvi’s innovation will bring new revolution in india
Gulab Chand Kataria
Gulab Chand Kataria
Honorable Governor, Asaam

Ministers need to learn from the discipline with which the children have conducted the proceedings of the assembly

Diya kumari
Diya kumari
Deputy Chief Minister Of Rajasthan

Children of the Children’s Fair are raising questions, will write a letter to the Chief Minister for the problems of the children

Gajendra Singh Shekhawat
MP, Jodhpur, Minister of Jal Shakti, Govt. of India

Digital Baal Mela children shall become water warriors and design a campaign for water conservation, also write ‘Pani ki chitthi’ (Water conservation letter) to their respective chief ministers

Arjun Ram Meghwal
Arjun Ram Meghwal Minister Of Law and Justice of India

The Digital Baal Mela is a Unique initiative and will surely establish a new revolution in the country.

Rajendra Rathore
Rajendra Rathore
BJP Leader, Former Leader of Opposition ,Rajasthan Assembly

Will raise children’s voice in monsoon session, promised children

Meet The Founder

The Digital Baal Mela was started by a 10-year-old girl from Jaipur, Janhvi Sharma in 2020. Janhvi is the first child in the country who worked fearlessly in the Corona Awareness Campaign of the Rajasthan Government during the absolute lockdown of March – April 2020. When Janhvi’s friends told her that they were distressed because of staying at home, it led her to set up a whole fair for them. She designed the logo of this new kids’ world in her notebook and with the help of her mom- renowned journalist Dr Meena Sharma- turned that drawing on a piece of paper to a National Innovation from her home. Now, all to have been was the children opened their wings and flew into the world of their imagination and creativity.!