World Rainforest Day.

World Rainforest Day.


Paras Mali


World Rainforest Day is an annual celebration that is celebrated on 22 June every year. It is celebrated to raise awareness about the importance of rainforests and promoting their conservation and sustainable management. Rainforests are the source of many resources like fresh water and clean air. These forests absorb many harmful gases including carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere. World Rainforest Day is celebrated for this reason, so that people can be made aware of this fact.

From the time of 1980 till today, the world’s largest rainforest is being continuously cut down. This day is celebrated to encourage people and the government to take necessary measures for its conservation, so that this important and valuable resource of the earth can be saved.

Purpose of World Rainforest Day
The purpose of World Rainforest Day is to bring these issues to the attention of individuals, communities, organizations and governments to inspire everyone to work together to protect and maintain rainforests. The day serves as a platform for education, rainforest advocacy and fundraising efforts to support conservation projects and initiatives around the world.

Various activities and events are organized on World Rainforest Day, including tree planting campaigns, educational programs, workshops, film screenings and social media campaigns. These initiatives aim to engage people globally and empower them to contribute to the conservation of rainforests.

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