A message to the country and the world by the children of the country is “Shades of Covid”….

Aditya Sharma.

Jaipur| The last 2 years were spent in the darkness of the world, there was darkness in someone’s relationship, in someone’s job, and the termites of darkness ate someone’s dreams. The reason for this darkness was such a creature that no one has ever seen or ever heard of it. This virus named Covid-19 has put everything on hold all over the world. Schools, offices, vehicles, and most importantly human beings. This virus killed man not one but a double, neither man remained healthy in body nor the mind. Its effect was also seen on young children, children became victims of major diseases like depression, and stress. But very few people could keep an eye on it.

To bring this problem and the experiences of the children in front of the country and the world, Digital Baal Mela started the “Shades of Covid” initiative. Children took this message to the world through paintings, storytelling, and animation films. In April, a children’s painting exhibition was organized at Amer Mahal, Jaipur. More than 25,000 people saw this 15-day exhibition. Tourists from all over the country and abroad appreciated it and called it an important step in the direction of children. This initiative, which was lit by State Art and Culture and Higher Education Minister BD Kalla in Amer Mahal, is now ready to take the second step. Now this exhibition will be organized in Ajmer’s Akbar Mahal in July. Now a leading stationery brand in the country has also joined hands with Digital Baal Mela for this event.

You can register to send your child’s painting to the Shades of Covid exhibition at www.digitalbaalmela.com or 8005915026. For more information follow our social media handles:-

WhatsApp/Telegram – 8005915026
Facebook Page – https://www.fb.com/digitalbaalmela/
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YouTube – https://bit.ly/3xRYkNz

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