Baal Sarpanch of Rajawas Jaishankar Meena demands from Rajasthan Panchayati Raj Minister


In Baal Panchayat organised by Digital Baal Mela on the occasion of International Children’s Day, Baal Sarpanch Jaishankar Meena from Rajwas presented his demands in front of State Panchayati Raj Minister Ramesh Chand Meena.

Jaipur. Digital Baal Mela organised a Baal Panchayat on the occasion of International Children’s Day. Panchayati Raj Minister in Rajasthan Government Ramesh Chand Meena attended this program as the chief guest. Under ‘Main Bhi Baal Sarpanch’ campaign, Baal Sarpanch of Rajawas village Jaishankar Meena also participated in this program and presented his demands in front of Panchayati Raj Minister.

What did Jaishankar say?

Jaishankar presented 6 demands to Panchayati Raj Minister, which are as follows :-

1) Agriculture stream in village school.

2) Construction of government playground in village.

3) Organising programs from time to time on the lines of Main Bhi Baal Sarpanch.

4) Construction of college for girls.

5) Construction of nearby health center.

6) Housing facility for animals and birds.

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