Kashish from Sirmaur told the history and importance of Indian Air Force Day.

We have killed every bird of the enemy.

Planes like Mirage have always raised prestige,

Heroes have always sacrificed their lives to protect the country.

Child writer Kashish

After performing tricks on the ground, now it was the turn to hoist our flag in the sky. What could be better than the Indian Air Force for this?

Which has conducted such operations from time to time, which have proved very useful for India. From defeating the enemies to celebrating her glory in the air and sky.

“Indian Air Force” was formed on October 8, 1932. Before independence, it was known as ‘Royal Indian Air Force’. This Air Force played an important role in the Second World War in 1945. After independence, the word Royal was removed from it and kept as ‘Indian Air Force’.

‘Indian Air Force’ is a part of the Indian Armed Forces, which deals with air warfare, air defense and protecting the sky borders. At present the Indian Air Force is the fourth largest air force in the world. In which there are 170,000 soldiers and more than 1,905 fighter aircraft. The headquarters of the Indian Air Force is in New Delhi. The motto of the Indian Air Force is “Touch the sky with glory”. The President of India serves as the Commander in Chief of the Indian Air Force.

The work of protecting Indian airspace, acting as a coordinator in space research, dropping relief material in disaster relief programs, conducting search and rescue operations, etc. is also done by the Indian Air Force.

‘Indian Air Force’ is celebrating its 91st anniversary this year. On this day, the work done by the Indian Air Force and its contributions to the country are appreciated. The theme of Indian Air Force Day this year is “Airpower Beyond Borders”.

This year, the Indian Air Force Day program will be celebrated in Prayagraj, in which about 120 fighter aircraft will participate.

Undoubtedly, every army and every power of India is hoisting its flag in the entire world. The Indian Air Force has also been successful in continuously conducting such air operations, which have not only benefited India but also strengthened India’s position.

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