Rajendra Rathod will raise the voice of Jogaram of Barmer in the monsoon session

——The removal of encroachment on the school of a visually impaired child of Jodhpur will also be discussed in the assembly.
In the Digital Bal Mela, the Deputy Leader of the Opposition answered the questions of the children…..

Jaipur. The children of Digital Baal Mela, who are knowing politics closely every day, openly put their problems in front of Deputy Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathod today. Responding to this, Rajendra Rathod promised to be the voice of children in the monsoon season. In the dialogue, Jogaram of Barmer questioned the government’s promise of giving laptops to promising children for three years. In which the children have not yet received this award for which Jogaram is also waiting for a year. Rajendra Rathod also expressed concern on Jogaram’s question and promised that he would definitely become the voice of these questions of the children in the assembly.

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