Digital Bal Mela’s gift to children on Valentine’s Day …

You can vote for your favorite painting till February 20.

Janhvi Sharma

Jaipur : On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Digital Baal Mela has a gift for the children. This is a gift for the children who had participated in the painting competition “Sangrahalon ke Rekhachitra” or “Museums through my eyes” organized by Digital Baal Mela under the aegis of Rajasthan Archaeological Department. In the competition organized under the “Museums Through My Eyes” campaign, children from all over the country made paintings of their favorite museums and sent them to the Digital Baal Mela. Exhibitions of these paintings were organized in Jaipur’s historical heritage, Amber Mahal, Albert Hall Museum, and Hawa mahal where tourists from all over the world saw and appreciated these creations of children. The paintings of all these children have been put up by the Digital Baal Mela on their social media for public votes. Earlier, 48 hours were fixed for voting on these paintings, but now the children are being given another chance. Now from noon on 14 February 2023 to 10 pm on 20 February 2023, children can vote on their paintings. This voting will be the 50% judgment criteria at the time of decision. Whereas the decisions of judges will be valid 50%.
In this competition, the winning child will be given a cash prize of Rs 11,000, the second place child will get Rs 5,100 and the third place child will get Rs 1,100. Not only this, but five children will also get appreciation prizes of Rs 500 each.

It is worth mentioning that Digital Baal Mela started the “Museums Through My Eyes” campaign under the aegis of the Rajasthan Archaeological Department under the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence to increase children’s interest in museums and to increase awareness of ancient heritage around the world.

The campaign was started by Mr. Dheeraj Srivastava, Commissioner, Rajasthan Foundation, at Amer Mahal on International Museum Day. Under this campaign, Digital Baal Mela also organized live painting competitions at Amer Mahal and Hawa Mahal, in which children also did live painting. Prizes have also been given to the winners of these competitions.

Digital Baal Mela continuously works on increasing awareness among children about art, politics, social etc. Digital Baal Mela had organized the country’s first “Bal Satra” in the Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha on 14 November 2021, in which the children, played the role of MLAs, Ministers, Vidhan Sabha Speaker, conducted in Vidhan Sabha. Speaker of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly Dr. CP Joshi had given this opportunity to the children. Apart from this, under the campaign “Main Bhi Baal Sarpanch”, Digital Baal Mela has also worked on increasing the awareness of Panchayati Raj system among the children. Where the child representatives selected from all the seven divisions of Rajasthan came to Jaipur and participated in the “three-day child sarpanch convention”. Not only this, these children had also made an educational trip to Jaipur.
If you also want to give a platform to your child’s creativity, then join the Digital Baal Mela today. Do your free registration on the website of Digital Baal Mela. For more details contact on mobile number 8005915026 or follow our social media handles.

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