Sahil Kapoor of Fatehpur raised questions on the increasing drug addiction in Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha Baal Satra.

68 child legislators participated in the Himachal Pradesh Children’s Assembly on June 12th.

Priya Sharma|

On June 12th, the state witnessed a historic Children’s Session presided over by the honorable Speaker of the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly, Mr Kuldeep Singh Pathania. For this special session, 68 children were selected from across the country, the process of which lasted for a total of three months. The selected “child representatives” were seen raising their voice on child issues in the Shimla Vidhansabha Bhawan. Sahil Kapoor of Fatehpur got a chance to become the MLA of the opposition in this session. He questioned the Chief Minister in the House asking about the number of drug de-addiction centers in Shimla, Una Solan, and Kangra .

On this, Child Chief Minister Jahnavi replied that – district Una, district Solan and district Kangra border with the state of Punjab, due to which drug smuggling, mainly Chitta, also known as smack, prevails here. Our government is taking strict steps to prevent this. District Shimla is the center of the state and there are 13 centers in our state for the convenience of youth fighting drug addiction.

In this session, Chief Minister of the state Mr. Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu was present as the Chief Guest . Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Mr. Harivansh Narayan Singh also witnessed the session as the Special Guest. The special feature of this session was that the children played the role of Chief Minister, Leader of Opposition, Speaker and MLAs and ran the state assembly for a day.

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