What did Jairampura Sarpanch Jagdish Nitharwal say about Baal Panchayat

Jagdish Nitharwal

Shruti Agarwal.

Digital Baal Mela recently organised a Baal Panchayat in Jairampura Panchayat of Amer under the “Main Bhi Baal Sarpanch” campaign. Around 300 children participated in this Baal Panchayat. Along with this, Jagdish Nitharwal, Sarpanch of Jairampura also became a part of this Baal Panchayat and addressed the children.

Jaipur. Under the “Main Bhi Baal Sarpanch” campaign, Digital Baal Mela organised a Baal Panchayat some time back in Jairampura Gram Panchayat of Amer. Around 300 children participated in this Baal Panchayat, out of which 22 children also presented their claim for the post of Baal Sarpanch. Rest of the children voted for them. Jagdish Nitharwal, Sarpanch of Jairampura, also participated in this Baal Panchayat and addressed the children.

What did Jagdish Nitharwal say?

Jagdish Nitharwal, while welcoming the Baal Panchayat, called the children of the village active and thanked the children wholeheartedly for making them aware of the problems of the village. He said that most of the children drew attention towards the basic facilities related to electricity, water and roads. Talking about the problem of cleanliness in the village, he said that the sanitation workers come once in a week. In such a situation, people should take care of cleanliness and should not throw garbage on the road. They should use dustbin and if it is not there, then it will be arranged by the Panchayat. Along with this, he asked the children to use them properly by talking about putting wet and dry dustbins separately. He also said that if a person marches ahead with a campaign and sees steps of support behind him, then he moves forward with more determination. He also asked the children to cooperate with the Panchayat. He ended his address with “Jai Hind, Jai Bharat”.

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Jagdish Nitharwal

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