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Museums Through My Eyes​​
Why be a part of it?

Aditya Sharma.

Jaipur| Under the aegis of the Rajasthan Archaeological Department, a new flame was lit during International Museum Day on 18th May. The “Museum Through My Eyes” initiative was brought before the country and the world, its purpose was to make children and adults of the country and abroad aware of different museums. To bring their historical, cultural, and artistic importance to the world. Every museum is special in itself, it opens the door to a world that has never been seen before and common people are not capable enough to see it. Each museum tells a story in itself, some give you information about the history and some introduce you to the art and culture of that area. But still, we are not so excited about museums, somewhere we are not told all this.

To overcome this problem, Digital Baal Mela brought the “Museum Through My Eyes” initiative under which we will hold a painting exhibition in different areas of Rajasthan for a total of 6 months. These paintings have been sent by children from different corners of the country. These 6-16-year-old children have made paintings of museums in the country and abroad. In this initiative, a live painting competition, exhibition, quiz, debate, and much more will be organized to make children aware, along with prizes will also be given. Right now a 15-day exhibition has been organized at Hawamahal under the “Museum Through My Eyes” initiative. Not only this but this exhibition has also been put in Amer Fort and Albert Hall Museum.

You can register your child’s painting on this website www.digitalbaalmela.com or 8005915026 for the exhibition “Sketches of Museum” organized under the “Museum Through My Eyes” initiative. For more information follow our social media handles:-

WhatsApp/Telegram – 8005915026
Facebook Page – https://www.fb.com/digitalbaalmela/
Instagram – https://instagram.com/digitalbaalmela
Twitter – https://mobile.twitter.com/DigitalBaalMela
YouTube – https://bit.ly/3xRYkNz

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